SLP MIB work discussion

A SLP MIB definition is needed to advance SLP to draft standard. This document contains notes and work - a scratchpad till we have enough information to issue an internet draft.

The MIB should have important configuration information, but we have to resist the temptation to add too many instruments and features - so as to not burden those SLP implementations which get enhanced with MIB support.

get/set configuration elements?
     Element                 Type          Default
     ======================  =======       =======
     net.slp.useScopes       string        DEFAULT
     net.slp.isBroadcastOnly boolean       FALSE
     net.slp.DAAddresses     string        empty
     DA discovery allowed    boolean       TRUE
     net.slp.passiveDADetection boolean    TRUE
     net.slp.MTU             uint8          255
     Timing values (seconds)
       CONFIG_MC_MAX         uint16          15   net.slp.multicastMaximumWait
       CONFIG_RETRY          uint16           2   net.slp.DADiscoveryTimeouts
       CONFIG_RETRY_MAX      uint16          15   net.slp.datagramTimeouts
       CONFIG_DA_BEAT        uint16       54000   net.slp.DAHeartBeat
       CONFIG_DA_FIND        uint16         900   net.slp.
       CONFIG_CLOSE_CONN     uint16         300
     net.slp.randomWaitBound uint32        3000   CONFIG_START_WAIT,
     net.slp.multicastTimeouts  uint32[]   3000,3000,3000,3000,3000
     net.slp.securityEnabled boolean       FALSE
     SLP SPI                 sequence        NULL  <-scary, maybe good
        slp spi              string          NULL
        public key           octetstring     NULL
        private key          octetstring     NULL

  DA and SA
     net.slp.interfaces      string        NULL
     net.slp.serializedRegURL string       NULL
     net.slp.isDA            boolean       FALSE
  DA specific
     net.slp.DAAttributes    string        NULL 

  SA specific
     net.slp.SAAttributes    string        NULL

  UA specific
     net.slp.locale          string
     net.slp.maxResults      int32         -1   (ALL)
     net.slp.typeHint        string        NULL

    DA last stateless reboot time


    # incoming requests
    # dropped requests
    # errors (each category)

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