Service Location Protocol Project 


The Service Location Protocol (SLP) was standardized in the IETF by the SVRLOC working group. It provides automatic client configuration for applications and advertisement for network services. Activity continues, although the official IETF working group has concluded (see the working group history). 

The Service Location Project exists to coordinate continued standardization, implementation, interoperability tests, as well as to distribute information about new applications of SLP and software which uses it.


Advance SLPv2 to IETF Draft Standard
Important - several discussion issues are in Final Review - Please review them! 

Review emerging SLPv2 specifications developed in the community
Review and discuss new SLP service templates and applications
Develop software which uses SLP
SLP Version Compatibility: a matrix which shows compatibility between SLPv1, SLPv2 and SLPv2bis. Only changes which have been approved are included.

Mailing Lists

srvloc-discuss (subscribe/ archives) - List for general service location protocol discussions.
The archives of discussion on the old SVRLOC WG mailing list are also available.

Documents under devlopment by the SRVLOC Project

SLPv2 MIB work in progress, notes.
SLP Applicability Statement work in progress, notes.

Ongoing Projects

SLP Software Distributions (including those which are not open source)
OpenSLP: The open source Service Location Protocol project
mSLP: Mesh enhanced SLP open source project (Java based)
LDAP SLP: Open source LDAP-SLP Implementation supporting SLPv2 with an LDAP back end

Additional Information

IANA assignments for SLPv2 Extension IDs and Templates
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